I’ve spent a lot of time in the last few years contemplating what topic would be best for me to publish on a blog – what niche I could put myself in, hopefully based on something I had interest in.  As it turns out, I’m no expert in anything – I’m not even a jack of all trades, master of none – I am a jack of few trades, master of none.   Through this introspection, I discovered that none of the few things I have some degree of passion for really have anything in common.   And none were fully blog worthy on their own.  So I began to just blog anything I really liked, to see if a pattern would form.

So far, my categories include:

artofmanipulation – how to mess with people, how to get your way, how to read people… basically how to manipulate people and situations to your liking.  I suggest you use these powers for good.  😉

bigbrotheriswatching – I love public information and freedom of information.  I want to be able to know everything about my neighbors, my political representatives.. everyone.  I am more than just pro Big Brother – I want to be BE big brother.   But legally, with information freely and publicly available.  Surveillance cameras and criminal databases make me go squee.

bookfetish – I love books.  Elaborately decorated, intricate, paper-smelling, looks-great-on-the-shelf books that reek of old leather.  Rare books.  Fictional books.  Replicas of books from movies.  Books about books.  Great books.  Classic books.  Books, books, books.  Also, I love the word fetish.

howto – encompasses all of the other categories – how-to specific.

informationwantstobefree – I am ecstatic when a book (or other data) becomes public domain, or when secret information is leaked on the internet.  I want to know everything and have nothing secret.  This goes a bit hand in hand with bigbrotheriswatching.  I’m not so much an advocate of open source for open-sourcey-ness of it, but the freedom of it.

listfetish – The fetish word again.  Mmmm, fetish.  I dig lists.  Lists of things to do before you die, 100 things everyone should know, the books I’ve read in 1997, recommended book lists, lists of best movie scenes…. lists, lists, lists.

wordfetish – language astonishes me.  While I only know English, pig Latin, and how to ask for oral sex from a prostitute in Italian, I would love to learn every language in the world.   Being lazy, though, I’d like to learn it in a kung-fu Matrix way.  Beyond languages, I love words – pretty words, exotic words, foreign words, big words, word origins.

writing – Always wanted to be a writer.  Yet I am lazy and passionless.  I have hope yet.

So, what do all of these things have in common?  Data.  Raw, free data.  Information.  My lone passion.. my zeal… is data.


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